Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Living Room Tour

I have some work to do in this room, well every room really, but for now let's take a look at my Living Room.  First let me say, I need curtains.  I know it will completely change the look and feel of this room.  I just don't know what I want, however, after looking at these pictures, I'm starting to get an idea of what I may like.

Second thing is, I need more "stuff" in this room.  The walls are a little bare and I'm currently shopping for a big piece, again, I don't know what I want yet.

So, on with the tour!!

This is the view walking up from the Kitchen/Dining area.

From the doorway.  We have 4 windows in this room as well the window on the front door.

This is a long narrow room and on this end we have the TV.

I bought this cabinet at a Consignment store, when we moved here, specifically to put the TV on.

I painted it and the handles

A few winter decorations

Looking toward the other end of the room.

On the opposite end of the room, from the TV, is my home office.  My own little space!
Tucked behind the Love Seat in the corner

The view from my desk, I can watch American Idol and browse Pinterest at the same time.

I love the sliding pocket door, it adds such a coziness to the room.

Here are a few close up shots of things around the room.

Valentine hearts

Scrapbook paper covered letters

Weeping cherry tree outside the window.

Pink, Red, and White M & M's for Valentines as must!

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  1. Great room. Nice to have so much space. Love your desk area. I have mine in the breakfast room for all the same reasons. Keeps me in the middle of things. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks for stopping by Marty! I know what you mean about being in the middle of things, it gives me a lot of freedom.

  2. Awesome room Lorna! I love where you put your desk and I love your TV unit. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

    1. Thanks Debbie! And thank you for the opportunity to link to such a great party!

  3. i am loving the new house. it is just so cozy! love your blog!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! It is cozy and we feel very blessed to have found a house that works so well for us. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Looks like a great room for spending lots of quality family time. I love all the natural light. It looks as if you have quite a bit of furniture to work with. I think (not that you want my opinion) I would separate this long narrow room into two different seating groups. One end could be your family (TV) room and the other end could be a computer work and reading area which I think is what you are trying to do here. I think you have enough furniture that with a little rearranging you could get your two separate yet functional areas. Perhaps get another area rug so that you have something to define each area separately. As far as curtains that depends on your taste completely but the inn thing now is just wooden roman shades which I think would work great in your room.

    1. Sheila, thanks for the suggestions! I do like the idea of having two seperate areas and have been playing around with furniture arrangement quit a bit. There are so many options, who knows how it will end up! I also like the wooden roman shade idea, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!