Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Haul

This morning I headed out for a trip to Hobby Lobby (Luuuuv this store).  All I wanted was some scrapbook paper, and that's it, nothing else I promise!  But oh my, they were having a sale, 50 & 60 % off selected Home Accents.  They were also having 80% off Christmas, BUT, once Christmas is over I have a hard time shopping for next year.  Am I the only one like that?  If I buy something, I want to use it NOW.  Anyway, back to my haul.

I only needed 4 sheets of Leopard print scrapbook paper for a project that I hope to show you tomorrow.  But, for some reason, when I get in that store the creative juices start flowing and I have a hard time containing myself!  I ended up getting 4 extra sheet, which were 50% off, and plan to use them for an up coming Valentine project.

The "puffy" paper mache' hearts were $.99 each and the package of wooden hearts were 4 to a package for $.99.  I will show you what I do with these later!

I love dark red, such as a brick red, and leopard print together, so I picked up some paint to help me out with the project I'm working on right now. 

 The next items in my haul are a little unique.  Back in July, before we moved here, I was supposed to be looking for a house but took time out to visit my future Hobby Lobby store.  That's important, right?!  Well, I found something I really liked but didn't know what it was supposed to be and it was on clearance for $.70.  It is made of metal and kind of looks like a vintage plate that goes behind a door knob.  Maybe?  I don't know, but knew I could find the perfect place for it in our new house, which we hadn't found yet.  And I did!

Today, I found two more, and even though I had to pay $1.70 for each of them, a collection of 3 is always good.  These were regular $4.99
 I love this wire basket and it was a steal at $4.80, I'm not sure about the original price but it was on the 60% off isle.

 I love this next piece.  I was originally $39.99 and I picked it up today for $13.80.  I am all about "chippy" paint and this doesn't disappoint!

Stay tuned to see what I do with it.

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  1. Hey Lorna! You scored some great finds! I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday; and got stuck on those "50-66% off" home accents aisles! Man! It took every ounce of restraint that I had, not to throw everything I saw into my cart. LOL! Can't wait to see what you do with that red piece...I like it!

  2. Wow! You sure lucked out at HL. Love all your fab finds. I also have a hard time buying seasonal items on sale, don't like storing them all year and once the season is over...I'm ready to move on. I was a HL virgin until last week. We don't have them all over out here yet, but now I'm hooked.

  3. Those are great finds! HobLob is always fun when it has clearance isles. The metal thingy indeed is the backing to a knob. I have two full sets I am trying to decide what to do with. Thanx for coming to the party!

  4. Love the wire baskets and the hearts!

  5. I love Hobby Lobby also!!Thanks for linking up! Check out my giveaway....

    XO, Aimee