HI!  I'm Lorna and I'm glad you stopped by.  Welcome to our home!

I love to shop and bargains are my thing! I am always on the look out for great furniture, and anything unique to add character and charm to my home.  Goodwill is my favorite place to find a great deal and paint is my go-to for bringing life into discard pieces.

I love color and could never pin point my favorite.  I love paint that is layered on top of layers and layers, and if it's chipping off in places that's even better.

In between my creative outbursts, I am a wife, mother, chef, chauffeur, planner, family photographer, organizer, and many other things that I can't think of right now. We have three kids, our oldest is 20 and lives on his own and a 16 year old daughter named Carrigan, our youngest is Aaron and he is almost 12.

My hope is that I will inspire you to grab a paint brush, mix colors of paint together to make just the right shade, and create something you will proud to display in your home.  It's not hard, give it a try.  There is no right or wrong way, there is only YOUR way! 

Don't be surprised if I share an awesome recipe that I've tried (painters have to eat too!), or a great buy that I found at Hobby Lobby, or TJ Maxx (a couple more of my favorite stores!). Isn't that what we are doing here anyway?  Sharing our thoughts and likes (and maybe dislikes?)  Getting ideas to fill our lives with things that make us happy, making our families feel comfortable in our homes, and I hope I can in some way help with that. 

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