Monday, January 23, 2012

Making Pom Poms with a Kit

Pom Poms have been all over blogland for a while now and I have thought of several ways I could use them,  but that would require figuring out how to make them and then getting the supplies and then creating them. 

On a recent trip to TJ Maxx, my daughter  spied a little package tucked back behind some picture frames.  Upon investigating, she discovered a kit to make pom poms.  How cute they were!  for $3.99 we could have 8 of them.  We are in the process of adding to her rooms decor and she thought these would be the perfect addition.  I agreed!

These are made by Martha Stewart

The instructions were easy to read and within minutes we had two completed.

After a little "fluffing" they looked like this.

The best part about this was seeing how these are put together.  Now we plan to buy different color tissue paper and make more to coordinate.  I love the scallop edges, but we also plan to point the edges for a different look.

Sometime the simplest things can add the biggest impact.

Check back later to see these in action when I reveal the the whole room makeover.

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  1. I always thought these looked so fun hanging from a baby girl's room.

    1. Me too, we were excited to find them. Can't wait to show when the room is finished. Thanks for visiting.

  2. These are so cute and what a great project to do with your daughter. The scallops make them look so full. Very fun!

    1. Thanks Ann, we had a lot of fun putting these together.