Monday, February 6, 2012

Road Trip

Since moving we have not taken the opportunity to explore our new town, city, area of the state, part of the country.  We were so busy helping two kids get settled and one of them immediately started Pee Wee Football, then on to the Holidays and we just didn't find the time.  But now is the time, and I am so excited!  We have agreed that Saturdays will be our day to explore the world around us and learn as much as we can about this new place we live.

This past weekend we traveled 45 minutes to Ashtabula, Ohio and went to Lake Erie.  We also visited one of 17 covered bridges in Ashtabula County.  In a few weeks we plan to make another trip and see all the covered bridges.

These pictures were taken in the car diving toward the bridge

 Driving through the bridge

Smolen-Gulf Bridge was built in 2008 and is the longest bridge in the United States and the fourth longest in the World.  It is 613 feet long and is 93 feet above the Ashtabula river.

Ashtabula River

Our next stop was Lake Erie.  We visited two different beaches and liked them both, I can see us making many trips to both this summer.

We had a great time and already looking forward to next weekend.

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  1. I love the photos. I love covered bridges, lighthouses and the beach. Will look forward to more covered bridge pictures.