Thursday, October 11, 2012

Around the House

Once a week I would like to start highlighting something from around my house. 

Everything has a story

Today I have chosen a piece that is special to me.  It has been around since before my time.

Where it origianlly came from, I do not know.

But I love this piece of pottery.
I love the color
I love the shape
I love the functionality
I love that it belonged to someone special.

This belonged to my Grandma and now memories abound everyday as I see it in my China Cabinet.  So thankful for things that not only brings color and beauty to our homes, but also lets us look back in the past to a time when things may have been different.  That feeling we get deep down, those are memories waiting to be remembered.


  1. Lorna, this was your great grandmothers.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment today .... and hold on to those sweet memories!!