Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A New Piece of Painted Furniture & A Christmas Vignette

A Little Catching up to do

I hope and pray each of you had a joyous Thanksgiving Holiday.

We spent our time making memories that I hope will last a lifetime.

I made a Chocolate Pie for the first time and was very proud of myself, I thought it turned out great.  I used my Grandma's recipe and her pie plate, and am very thankful for the memories of HER and her Chocolate Pie.

The new China Cabinet was set for the festivities.  Love those Turkeys!
(You can read about the NEW China Cabinet here)

  No more confusion around here, It's Christmas Time!  If you missed it, I talked here about having Holiday Confusion.  I knew it was Thanksgiving time but my brain kept wanting to only think of Christmas.  So I resolved to CELEBRATE my BLESSINGS  & be THANKFUL for the BIRTH of our SAVIOR.

On the phase 2!

Before showing you a new Christmas Vignette I must show you another Goodwill purchase.  Somethings are just meant to be!  When you go to Goodwill and find an awesome piece but think the $24.99 price tag is a little much you go home with it.
But when go back a week later and it's been marked down to $14.99 & you have a 25% off coupon in your purse, WELL, it's just meant to be!  And this was well worth it!

Behold the BEFORE

 I just love the details!

The mirror is gorgeous!

And now, the AFTER!

 I think the missing wood detail only adds to the character of the piece.

 I love it!!

Now, on to the goodies on top.

I took a little wooden tray and painted it, then added the snow, trees, buildings, and people.  It made a nice little village.

I hope you are off to a great start with shopping and decorating!
I've been working on my tree for a couple of days now and hope to have it finished soon.  I can't wait to show you!

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