Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Canvas Chevron Art

My daughter is wanting to make some changes to her room and suggested we use some artwork to add color.
I suggested we make our own art, and we headed to the Thrift store to look for something that would work with.  We found a canvas that was hideous!  It may have been some one's self-portrait.  I'm sorry to say that I don't have a photo of the before!
She took on this project all by herself with a little guidance from me.  We started out by putting on several coats of primer. 
We then put on the base coat.
She decided she wanted to paint a Chevron pattern.  After a few failed attempts, we found that drawing a grid using chalk would make this process easier.

Once the grid was complete, we used painters tape to create our Chevron pattern.
We weren't going for perfection on this project, we wanted something kind of rustic and quirky.  You will notice that the lines are exactly straight or level.
The next thing we did was to add the next color.
Once the paint was dry, we removed the tape.
Looking Good!!
To soften it up a bit we sanded it a little bit.

We love how it turned out!
Coming up:
Furniture to match this work of art!
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